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Performance Management
Managing the performance of your employees is critical to achieving high performance.

Dawn HR Solutions can help you design a performance management system that will ensure you are getting the most out of your employees.

Implementing an Effective Performance Management System Will:
  • Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated, Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Work Towards a Feeling of Empowerment, Which Increases Productivity
  • Free Up Management Time, Allowing Executives to Focus More On Running
  • the Company As Opposed to Micromanaging Employees
  • Outline Clear Expectations So Little Time is Wasted on Mundane Tasks
Spending a small amount of time on implementing an effective performance management system within your company can have a large impact on the overall performance of your employees. And with better performance from your employees comes a better bottom line for your company.

We Help you to Get it Right
Developing the processes and building the skills for effective performance management is a complex task. Involved stakeholders must feel confident that the methodologies, content and delivery of any system are just and meaningful, and that they can trust the objectivity of those administering the system. We help you in Appraisal System Design, Competency Development, 360° Feedback Processes and Balanced Scorecard Development.

We have a tool called as DEEPAM which assists in developing, designing and installing of Performance Management system in any organization.

Appraisal System Design
Regular appraisals should be used as an opportunity to build trust and engage employees in supporting corporate goals. Our performance management experts have extensive experience and we can help you to make your appraisal system a process welcomed by all - one that is simple, well-tested, clear, relevant and especially, fair, objective and just.

Competency Development
Competency frameworks have become a leading method for diagnosing, framing and improving all aspects of human resource management. Our DEEPAM tool provides the expertise and experience in developing your particular set of competencies, and they will be sure that the competencies signal corporate priorities and values, act as a tool for recruiting, career development and job enhancement, among other strategies. Of major importance, the Client will possess a set of competencies that spotlight the connection between competence and performance.

360° Feedback Processes
The key objectives of multi-source feedback should be awareness, growth and competence. Although there are many benefits to a successful implementation, a host of risks need to be managed. We can provide a Client with the tools and advice to successfully gather the data, and ensure clarity of roles and purpose.

Balanced Scorecard Development
By measuring areas such as process performance, market share/penetration, long term learning and skills development, a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) can help a Organization align their operational activities with overall vision and strategy, and improve internal and external communications. We can help you create and implement a BSC tailored to your particular business objectives and grounded in best practice.

Assessment Centres
Dawn HR Solutions has extensive experience in developing assessment centers that allow management to observe performance under a controlled set of circumstances. The centers also give employees the chance to test their mettle under such conditions. We can provide the expertise needed to develop programs that are an accurate reflection of what the work entails and also to determine the training and development needed to improve individual and ultimately, organizational performance.
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