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Employee Policy Administration
The key to effectively managing your workforce.
Managing Your Workforce Through Consistent HR Policy

The way you administer your HR policy is very important in the overall scheme of your business and managing your human capital. Employees must have a sense that policies are consistent, compliant with state and national laws, and administered in a fair manner. Employees must perceive that benefits and privileges are equitable across the organization regardless of position.

Sound human resources policy development is vital for an organization to provide a framework for effectively governing its employee relations. The Dawn HR Solutions creates human resources policies and procedures manuals that are uniquely tailored to your company's culture and goals. We focus on policies originally developed for the employee handbook. Then we expand on them to provide a comprehensive guide for human resources and managers throughout your organization.

Our carefully written and legally researched human resources policies and procedures manual instructs both management and employees as to what is expected of them—in black and white. It is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and potential legal issues.

Effective policy management minimizes your legal risk, increases employee and management engagement, and fosters a positive culture in your organization. A typical day in any company will see many policy questions come up, and it's vital that your day to day decisions are backed by the company's policys. And it's even more important that these policies are clearly stated and available to all in the form of an Employee Handbook.

An Employee Handbook is Key
An Employee Handbook that has been carefully researched and prepared provides important protection against the many legal and financial risks of violating or ignoring current legal and regulatory personnel requirements. We review your existing policies and procedures and prepare a preliminary draft incorporating your policies, then review with management before providing a final version.

This document is extremely important in maintaining fair and consistent policy management. It not only gives you a reference guide for each situation, but serves as a primer on your company for new employees, a reference for current employees, and defines behavior expectations for both. A compliant handbook is vital to the success and performance of your company. It allows you to complete on a level playing field with other top performing companies.

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