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Organizational Design
Dawn HR Solution is a specialized service provider in implementing Organizational Design solutions that help Organizations in meeting their Goals and Objectives. We help Organizations in achieving full alignment between their business strategy, organizational structure and the key functions and roles in their business.

Effective Organization Design is a powerful driver of performance and success.

Organization Design - Transform Your Structure

Achieve full alignment between your business strategy and your organizational structure.

Dawn HR Solutions assists clients during significant organizational transformation events such as reorganizations, growth, downsizing, new business lines and the introduction of new IT systems by considering and addressing all of these elements.

We have specialized staff and a tool know as DOS which provides us the cutting edge in providing services in areas like organization design, determination of key functions and roles, mapping of staff resources, business process modeling and change management.

Poor Organization Design and its effect:

  • Lack of inter-office coordination.
  • Increasing internal conflict and friction.
  • Lack of clarity in roles.
  • Multiple Boss Syndrome.
  • Underutilization and Misuse of resources.
  • Poor work flow.
  • High employee dissatisfaction and turnover.

Benefits of Organization Design
  • Improved employee engagement.
  • Improved competitive advantage.
  • Improvement in client satisfaction.
  • Improvement in performance results of business.
  • Significant return on investment.
The professional approach taken by Dawn HR Solutions allows for creative brainstorming and input from all levels of the organization. The results were a range of options; some validated what we had envisioned, some provided a map for the future, and others would be incredible to implement if financially we were in a position to do so."

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What We Do
Is your organization well designed? How do you know? What does a well designed organization look like, and how does it feel to work there? How is it different from a poorly designed one? The answers to these questions lie in the functional structure, also known as the Organization Design, of your work place.

Dawn HR Solutions assists clients in the review, analysis, and re-structuring of their organizational model in order to improve operations and business results.

Organization Design is:
The way an organization is structured to comply with a strategic plan.
  • About how work gets done. It is the link between the goals of the organization and how managers and staff are working to achieve those objectives.
  • A process for improving the probability that an organization will be successful by assessing and re-shaping structure and positions to better meet (business) goals.
  • Used to match the form of the organization as closely as possible to the purpose(s) the organization seeks to achieve.
A significant redesign is called for when your organization evolves to the point at which there are substantial congruence problems between the formal organizational arrangements and the other components of your business (such as reporting, business processes, information, performance measurement, and control systems.) These situations may be driven by:
  • Shifts in competition, regulation, technologies, markets or resources - resulting in a redefinition of work requirements.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Cultural or political change.
  • Growth.
  • Staffing changes (such as new leadership, or changes in needs, preferences or skill levels).
There are six key elements which we consider during Organizational Assessments:
  • Strategy – The basic approach to achieving the mission. We review strategy, overall business plans and anticipated changes in order to ensure congruence with your organization structure.
  • Work Processes – The major sets of interconnected business and program activities; through which inputs are used and outputs / deliverables are produced.
  • Structure – How the characteristics and forms of jobs are organized in relation to each other and to the work flow. This includes the definition of work units, levels of supervision, job/work design, the span of supervisory control, and the delegation of authority.
  • Systems – The formal and informal procedures which make the organization work.
  • People / Skills - The types of professions and skills needed to perform the work.
  • Culture – These are the norms of the organization, the "way we do things around here", and should not be overlooked. This is reflected in people's behaviour, and can be a key driver of organizational structure.
Dawn HR Solutions through its tool – DOS, The Organizational Design and Structuring project plan includes the following steps:

Planning :
  • Confirmation of objectives, scope, environment, client requirements etc.
Fact Finding :
  • Document reviews, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups.
Analysis :
  • Review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.
  • Assessment of functions, roles, responsibilities, capacity, skill requirements, jobs / positions and reporting relationships.
  • Preliminary findings.
  • Solutions design.
  • Modeling; Conceptual Business Model, Functional Organization Chart, and Detailed Organization Chart.
  • Presentation of options.
  • Client validation.
  • Delivery of findings, approved recommendations, and implementation plan.
Why Select Us:
  • We listen.
  • We develop professional relationships.
  • We offer customized solutions to address requirements every size of an organization.
  • We bring front-line experience and depth to every project.
  • We provide guidance, advice and hands-on support.
  • We complete all projects on time and on budget.
  • We return all calls / emails within 24 hours.
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