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It's a Truth: An Internal Human Resource Staff is not something that is on the priority list of most Managements, however most Managements do accept that being compliant with all national and state laws is a task of Human Resources that simply cannot be overlooked. Even an employee relations case or any HR issue gone wrong can easily mean the end of a business.

More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of a professional HR staff, but simply cannot afford to hire in-house employees. Additionally, many companies face the problem of their friendly HR Department getting "too close" to the rest of the staff, which severely compromises their jobs in difficult employee relations situations.

With today's integrated teamwork environments, many companies are now realizing the value in hiring an objective third party to handle their HR needs. Here comes the HR Outsourcing which is noting but Dawn HR Solutions the right partner for you.

Outsourcing allows an organization to sharpen its focus on its core areas of business delivery by getting non-core areas to be managed by domain experts. Advantages of outsourcing your HR to Dawn HR Solutions are manifold, some of them are:

  • Cost optimization
  • Increasing organizational productivity & efficacy
  • Redirecting HR focus toward strategic planning & management
  • Increased focus on core business
  • Swift adaptation to Business Transformation and Business Change
Dawn HR Solutions approach to Outsourcing includes working with executives and where appropriate, their leadership teams, on programme needs identification, programme design, communication, implementation. Implementation requires working with global and local management and HR teams to ensure a co-ordinated and high quality change process. We have developed excellent processes and have well-tested guidelines, checklists, communication packs and workshop outlines as well as a range of programme management and co-ordination approaches. We are also able to support organisations with the development of their severance/social plans.

Start ups are perhaps one of the most fun things an organisation can do. It is a great opportunity to set things up from scratch and to learn from past experience and 'get it all right'. Undertaking a successful start up does however require strong planning and taking a long term view as well as the necessary short term one. Managing the relationship with the parent organisation is also key and the strategy for the nature of this relationship needs to be established at the outset and then carefully maintained. Different options suit different circumstances, thus it is essential that a clear vision and goals for the start up are established and well supported from the outset. Dawn HR Solutions can support organisations in thinking this through, in addition to the more practical support concerning the HR aspects of the start up (recruitment, employment terms and conditions, aligned reward management, performance management etc).
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HR Outsourcing
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