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Leadership Development
One of the most effective means to help executives learn and retain new skills and practices is coaching.

At Dawn HR Solutions we help our clients develop their potential. We provide the procedures, training and tools for executive coaching, professional development, objective setting and follow-up measurement. We work with individuals at the executive level, senior managers and sales professionals.

As part of our coaching methodology, we use various assessments to identify an individual's natural performance orientation and the key competency requirements of selected positions. Here we have developed and successfully implement a tool known as – DLEAD which is flexible and accommodative taking into account Personality traits which may be objectively measured against the key traits required for the selected position. This process allows us to identify the specific behaviors to be modified in order to improve effectiveness in a certain role. This assessment-based approach ensures that our conclusions about needed behavioral change is based upon sound and scientific evidence. We also incorporate a 360 Degree Assessment tool to provide the executive with anonymous peer feedback to add perspective.

We provide the structure and the support to enable development. We work alongside the executive to ensure that they understand how behavioral change can affect performance and how this understanding can impact the likelihood and degree of change. We continue to assess and measure both individual and group achievement of goals.

How we do the Leadership Development..

  • Thru Leadership Competency Modelling
  • Thru Leadership Development Centres
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Monitoring and Mapping
  • Succession Planning
  • Personal Development Programs
  • Executive coaching
  • We define the areas of development based on the strengths and weaknesses of the participants, and propose the appropriate individual or group development programme.
  • We measure the strengths and weaknesses of participants, and compare them to company- and job-specific competencies. We design the competency map, behavioral criteria and development centre exercises, as well as running the development centre itself and evaluating participants' performance.
We can support senior individuals in numerous ways including:
  • Helping them to understand and implement management strategies and decisions
  • Increasing personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Developing and maintaining balanced and effective working relationships
  • Solving work-related conflicts that are hampering effectiveness
  • Raising skills levels to those required for first class managerial performance
  • Investigating and resolving stress-related issues
  • Sensitive handling and resolution of personal issues.

For general enquiries please contact:
Dawn HR Services
Bangalore - 560 034
Ph: +91 9845014071, 080-41473448
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