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Job Evaluation
A job evaluation system is an integral part of an Organization's compensation program to ensure internal equity within. Dawn HR Solutions can assist by creating an effective job evaluation system or retooling your existing program to make it work more effectively for you.

A common outcome of job evaluation is the need for new or revised job descriptions. We can assist by providing the expertise to help you create or enhance your job description library.

What is Independent Job Evaluation?
  • Job evaluation is a method of determining the relative worth or importance of a job within an organisation.
  • It compares jobs by going beyond the most immediate identifier, the job title, and establishing the different qualities and responsibilities that make up each job.
  • There is no single best approach. However, we have an well defined approach called as DJE which has been developed for Public and Private Sectors Industry Wise and has a flexible approach of accommodating Small and Micro Enterprises, well customized.

We can help you to…
  • Determine how jobs relate to each other;
  • Manage jobs as your organisation grows; and
  • Choose a suitable job evaluation process: informed by our work with the major proprietary schemes, but not constrained by commercial considerations. We are not promoting a DJE scheme of our own.

The process
The DJE process adopted by Dawn HR Solutions is done thru Analytical and Non Analytical Schemes and is detailed as under :

Analytical schemes - Where jobs are broken down into common characteristics or factors
  • Points rating: the main elements of jobs are analyzed according to the level at which they are present.
  • Levels are allocated a point's score and the points are totaled to give a job score.
  • Factor comparison: independent factors, similar to those above, are assessed, but points are not allocated.

Non-analytical schemes – Where jobs are considered as a whole
  • Job ranking: sorted by importance or difficulty, based on scope and autonomy, but without the rigour or consistency of the points factor method.
  • Ranked jobs form a hierarchy, which may be broken down further into an arbitrary series of grades.
  • Paired comparisons: jobs are compared with each other and awarded points depending on greater, equal or lesser value.
  • Points added to create a rank order, which can be subdivided into grades if required.

DJE expertise enables you to…
  • Establish a fair and equitable reward structure and wage or salary structure, informed by current market pay data; and
  • Use an analytical scheme as a defence in equal value pay cases which, under Indian case law, is much more likely, though not guaranteed, to be satisfactory.
We can provide a flexible job evaluation service according to your requirements whether you wish to outsource a job evaluation project or receive support and training to undertake evaluations in-house.
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