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Dawn HR Solutions is founded on a clear belief that great firms need great people and great leadership. Both must be supported by proactive, supportive and challenging human resources leadership plus aligned human resources policies and infrastructure. Indeed we believe that it is these things that make the difference between an organisation being simply successful and truly excellent. Thus one of our key consultancy services is to work with human resources functions to position them to best support the ongoing growth and development needs of their organisation, its leaders and all the people.

We believe passionately in first class human resources. When working with HR functions, a key focus is first to instil the confidence and belief that this is possible. We also offer a range of tools and techniques to enable an HR function to fulfil its potential and thus make a significant contribution to the success of the organisation. Our consulting approach is developed in conjunction with the client but in general, working with an HR function in a large organisation, will include some or all of the following:

Establishment of a Human Resources Strategy and People Agenda for the organisation. A key element is to ensure a good understanding of the organisation itself: its strategy, its short and long term plans and the people implications of those plans

Enabling an organisation and its HR function to determine which services are essential and the best way to provide them. This is more than the in-house, out-house debate (which is, of course, necessary and will have different outcomes dependent on circumstances) but also about identifying those critical success factors that will underpin business success in the longer term like:
  • Looking at how to best focus resources and streamline operations
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are fit for purpose and aligned to the business
  • Team building, partnering and stakeholder management
  • Skills identification and development
  • Communication, branding and marketing
Optimizing the use of e-enablement to streamline global HR processes and increase both effectiveness and productivity.

We are also able to support small firms in determining their human resources requirements and assisting them in determining the best way to meet the needs, be this though the set up of a human resources department or though a combination of outsourcing and consulting support.

At Dawn HR Solutions we are committed to the development and success of the HR function itself and assuring the contribution of HR to the success of the business. We recognize that a busy HR function and leadership team does not always have the time to take stock, identify areas of best practice, opportunities for improvement and areas of potential risk. In addition these activities frequently benefit from an external look.
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