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Employee Assistance Programme - EAP
Dawn HR Solutions "build-to-suit" employee assistance programs address each organization's unique needs. We have a tool called – DEAP, which is customized / user specific, which ensures an employee gets more out of the programs, and employers get more out of their workforce to achieve their organizational goals—be it better engagement and productivity, stronger retention or reduced costs.

Dawn HR Solutions is renowned in Employee Assistance Programs. We have Pan India network of providers and resources where the EAP is operated from a single location with consistency in service delivery to the end users / employees irrespective the location they are operating from. Our services are different from our similar service providers as we treat every individual as a differenty entity and accordingly design programs according to their requirement, which again is done by our Team of Specialists.

Our understanding of a Employee, their family obligations and possible challenges he / she faces in their personal life, with our EAP Tool – DEAP, we ensure that they resolve their personal issues at ease and thereby resulting in pleasant personal life with higher productivity in their job.

Our EAP Tool – DEAP provides solutions to employees in the following areas:
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • Careness
  • Depression
  • Care taking of Elders
  • Martial Issues
  • Job related issues
  • Personal Development
Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) creates a confidential environment to discuss and reveal issues affecting a individual, their family members or the work environment. We are having our professionals operating across the country and are opening available in many places statewide, and more locations are being developed. Our professionals are qualified EAP service providers who will provide individual assessment and consultation. Further, they shall be assisting in short term and long term solutions to meet the varied requirements of employees / individuals.

Dawn HR Solutions – Employees Assistant Programme – DEAP for HR Professionals & Frontline Management Cadre
The DEAP Employee Assistance Program (EAP) assists Frontline Management Staff & Human Resources Professionals with workplace or supervisory issues.

How DEAP helps The Frontline Management Staff
The DEAP is a valuable tool to managements to deal with individual and organizational concerns. Every Manager job is to bring out the best in their employees. Employees are human being and can suffer from problems that obstruct their performance in the workplace. Seeking expert help to assist employees in solving their personal problems is a good approach by any management. The DEAP is available to provide confidential and expert consultation to management in a several areas as mentioned down under:
  • Effective Communication with employees about their performance problems
  • Assisting with ideas to reinforce acceptable behavior and performance
  • Discussing strategies for difficult communications with employees
  • Managing conflict among employees and in the workplace
  • Assistance in managing threats of violence
  • Response to critical incidents, including: sudden death of a employee, accidents, earthquakes, and unexpected terrible events effecting the workplace.
The process of identifying problematic situations and responding with an EAP referral is a normal and expected Managerial task. The Manager primary responsibility is to maintain a productive work environment and to promote employee development. Seeking assistance of Dawn HR Solutions EAP Tool – DEAP, helps in achieving productive work environment and employee development.
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