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In today's competitive business environment it becomes crucial for every part of an organization to contribute to the overall enterprise success. The way human resource is handled can either strengthen an organization or put it at risk of suffering low morale, low productivity and inefficiency; ultimately leading to attrition.

Even a one time association with Dawn HRS has guarantees long term success for our clients.

Our audit services focus on presenting the senior management a perspective on the capability & ability of HR to service your organization at large.

We adopt the Dawn HR audit framework covering strategic, business & operational HR aspects to gauge HR delivery across the areas mentioned. Our approach includes a combination of interviews, focus groups, studying organizational data and application of Dawn HR framework to gain the necessary perspective.

How will HR Audit help?
Conducting an HR audit can provide insights into how well the HR Department delivers its share of value creation for the organization and will also provide useful information to the management regarding the accuracy of their ongoing HR Practices. The goal of our HR Audit is to analyze and evaluate the HR system and the level of its relevance to the business needs. Through this one time exercise, we assist clients in finding solutions to their unanswered questions and develop a HR vision using industry benchmark.

Our Approach:
We initiate our HR Audit by collecting relevant information from the client regarding their current HR processes and prepare a checklist; prioritizing it based on the order of execution. Using the checklist as a roadmap, we go ahead and design a questionnaire to review specific areas. Through our interactions with the employees, we identify the gaps between objectives and activities; thereby uncovering areas where improvements will make the biggest difference. On acquiring a precise understanding of the client's HR processes, we document the outcomes and prepare a report for our client. The report includes a clear set of guidelines, supporting our client's HR Department to facilitate better HR planning. By formulating a detailed and well defined plan of action for our client's HR Department, we provide a direction to achieve their business objectives.

Our HR Audit culminates into a well-organized report, which acts as a HR Manual assisting the client's HR Department in process improvements.

We direct our client's attention to areas that require instant intervention and also help them find solutions in times of uncertainty.

Our team helps clients to boost their HR efficiency and bottom-line results by identifying the precise needs and focusing on opportunities to re-allocate their resources to the critical HR issues that drive business results.

We guarantee that our clients HR Department proves their value by creating more productive, result-oriented processes.

We prepare our clients to transform themselves and build the internal capability to quickly respond to the market changes.

Immediate benefits of an HR audit :
As with accounting audits, the findings and recommendations from HR audits are only as good as the information provided. If you are not entirely honest and objective, your end objective will not be met.

However, if staying on the right side of the law and reducing legal exposure are not enough incentive to launch your organization on the audit path today, consider the other benefits. Very typically, small to medium-size companies realize almost instant cost savings once an audit is complete and changes are implemented. For example:
  • Correcting benefit premium errors and overpayments can generate large savings.
  • Initiating a safety program can reduce workers compensation experience, reducing annual premium costs by thousands of dollars.
  • Examining the effectiveness of recruiting tools can pare the expense of filling positions.
  • A small or medium-size firm also may benefit from using an HR audit to:
  • Study retention and turnover, employing a neutral party to solicit honest feedback from employees, and allowing the company to develop an action plan.
  • Examine the company's foundation for its compensation philosophies and develop an objective method of grading jobs, with new ranges that are market-competitive and internally equitable.
  • Create or enhance an employee-referral program or internal jobs board.
  • Improve employee communication and ensure that the HR department is accessible.
  • Identify opportunities to outsource areas within human resources that offer more value to the company
The optimal outcome: Taking HR to the next level

Certainly, companies that complete an HR audit for compliance and cost reasons will enjoy an improved employment climate and a healthier bottom line. Organizations that opt to gain maximum benefit, however, also will use the HR audit to ensure that HR practices are linked to and play a vital role in the company's strategic planning and execution.
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